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  ロバート ウェアリング   WARING Robert
  Robert Waring
   所属   ノートルダム清心女子大学  文学部 英語英文学科
   職種   教授
■ 教員からのメッセージ
Seishin is a great place to learn English. We have seven full-time Native English teachers to help you develop your English. Students have a lot of opportunities to practice their English in our computer assisted language laboratory and by reading books and listening to CDs from our special library.
■ 授業科目
1. Active English
2. Applied Linguistics
3. Communicative English
4. Media Literacy
5. 英語III/IV
■ 学歴
1. 1994/09~1999/06 The University of Wales (Swansea), U.K. 博士課程修了 Ph.D The University of Wales (Swansea), UK
2. 1992/08~1993/07 Temple University 修士課程修了
■ 著書・論文歴
1. 2014/02 論文  Extensive Reading in Korea: 10 Years and Going Strong, In Pinto, M (Ed.) Proceedings of KOTESOL 2012  (単著) 
2. 2013/09 著書  Extensive Reading and Graded Readers   (単著) 
3. 2013/09 論文  The relationship between speed reading and extensive reading Extensive Reading Journal 6(2),pp.20 (単著) 
4. 2012/09 論文  Announcing MoodleReader version 2 Extensive Reading World Congress Proceedings 1,pp.168-171 (共著) 
5. 2011/09 著書  The Importance of Being Extensive ABAX Additions  (単著) 
■ 講師・講演
1. 2019/02/03 The in's and out's of writing graded readers
2. 2014/05/19 Extensive Reading at Junior High School(Osaka)
3. 2014/05/17 Dealing with Vocabulary in the Foreign Language Classroom(Notre Dame Seishin University)
4. 2014/05/10 Dealing with Vocabulary(Matsuyama)
5. 2014/03 Extensive Reading and Listening and the Foreign Language Curriculum(Temple University Japan, Osaka)
■ 所属学会
1. Arabia TESOL
2. English Teachers in Japan
3. Extensive Reading Foundation
4. Japan Association of Language Teachers
5. Japan Extensive Reading Association
■ 社会における活動
1. 2013/03 쉬운 책부터 사전 없이 술술~ 읽고 또 읽으며 영어 感 잡아야Link
■ 教育上の能力
1. Basic English Grammar in Use by Cambridge University Press
2. Footprint Reading Library by Heinle Cengage 108 titles
3. Foundations Reading Library by Heinle Cengage 57 titles
4. Pageturners by Heinle Cengage 50 titles
5. Sequences by Heinle Cengage (with Julian Thomlinson and Phil Woodall) 5 titles