(Last updated : 2023-02-13 17:11:19)
  Miho Nakamura
   Department   Kumamoto Health Science University  , Midwifery Course
   Position  Assistant Professor
Basic Information
■ Research Fields
Clinical nursing, Hygiene and public health: including laboratory approach, Gender studies 
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Academic Achievements
■ Selected Publications
1. 2017/01 Article Association with genetic polymorphisms of clock and serotonin-transporter and self-rating depression scale for shift workers   (Single) 
■ Selected Presentations
1. 2019/11/16 Efects of yoga intervention on psychological stress in women -Literature review on intervention method-
2. 2019/03/02 Literature review of intervention method and evaluation scale of yoga therapy for stress response in women
3. 2016/10/27 Association of life style with shift worker and depressed state