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  Chiho Sasaki
   Department   Kumamoto Health Science University  , Education and Research Center for Community-based Integrated Care
   Kumamoto Health Science University  Division of Speech-Language-HearingTherapy, Faculty of Health Science
   Position  Professor
Basic Information
■ Research Fields
Rehabilitation science 
Academic Achievements
■ Selected Publications
1. 2022/02 Article A Study on Building Consensus to Obtain Developmental Support for Children with Severe Neuromuscular Disease Using Ventilators:Interviews with Caregivers  pp.28-36 (Single) 
2. 2020/08/05 Article Evalation of the time-point at which communication via a communication aid became possible in children with spinal muscular atrophy type Ⅰ The Japanese Society Medical Networking For Intractable Disease pp.43-51 (Collaboration) 
3. 2020/06/01 Book -A booklet about consensus building toward a bright future for children who needs medical care-   (Collaboration) Link
4. 2018/05 Book Ambiguity of social participation support for people with disability through artistic activities  pp.414-419 (Single) 
5. 2017/03 Article Milestone for communication development in japanese children with spinal muscular atrophy type Ⅰ 保健科学研究誌 (第14号),pp.115-120 (Collaboration) 
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■ Selected Presentations
1. 2022/03 Data Augmentation for Dysarthric Speech Recognition Based on Text-to-Speech Synthesis (IEEE LifeTech)
2. 2021/09/26 A case report using a communication development support system for children with severe motor dysfunction and tracheostomy
3. 2021/09/26 Development of the communication development support system
4. 2018/09/08 Development of a language development support system for the children with the severe physical disabilities
5. 2016/05/29 Cardiovascular physiological changes in scuba diving-Analysis of disabled male divers Due to TBI-. (10th ISPRM World Congress,)
■ Works