Department   Kumamoto Health Science University  ,
Language English
Publication Date 2016
Title Loss of the integral nuclear envelope protein SUN1 induces alteration of nucleoli
Contribution Type
Journal Nucleus
Journal TypeAnother Country
Responsible for Quantitation of morphological differences
Author and coauthor Matsumoto A, Sakamoto C, Matsumori H, Katahira J, Yasuda Y, Yoshidome 4, Tsujimoto M, Goldberg IG, Matsuura N, Nakao M, Saitoh N, Hieda M
Details We used the algorithm wndchrm to quantify the effects on nucleolar morphology of the loss of the components of nuclear envelope in a human mammary epithelial cell line.We found that a reduction in the levels of SUN1, SUN2, and lamin A/C led to significant changes in morphologies that were computationally classified using wndchrm with approximately 100% accuracy. In particular, depletion of SUN1 caused nucleolar hypertrophy and reduced rRNA synthesis. Further, wndchrm revealed a consistent negative correlation between SUN1 expression and the size of nucleoli in human breast cancer tissues. Our unbiased morphological quantitation strategies using wndchrm revealed an unexpected link between the components of the LINC complex and the morphologies of nucleoli that serves as an indicator of the malignant phenotype of breast cancer cells.