Department   Kumamoto Health Science University  ,
Language English
Publication Date 2017/10/15
Title Condensin II plays an essential role in reversible assembly of mitotic chromosomes in situ
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Journal Molecular Biology of the Cell
Journal TypeAnother Country
Responsible for Morphological quantification of chromatin and axes
Author and coauthor Ono T, Sakamoto C, Nakao M, Saitoh N, Hirano T
Details we have established a set of two-step protocols for inducing reversible assembly of chromosome structure in situ, namely within a whole cell. This assay combined with small interfering RNA depletion demonstrates that the recovery of chromatin shapes and the reorganization of axes are highly sensitive to depletion of condensin II but less sensitive to depletion of condensin I or topoisomerase IIα. Furthermore, quantitative morphological analyses using the machine-learning algorithm wndchrm support the notion that chromosome shaping is tightly coupled to the reorganization of condensin II-based axes. We propose that condensin II makes a primary contribution to mitotic chromosome architecture and maintenance in human cells.