Department   Kumamoto Health Science University  ,
Language English
Publication Date 2018/03/22
Title Ki-67 and condensins support the integrity of mitotic chromosomes through distinct mechanisms
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Journal Journal of Cell Science
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Responsible for Morphological quantification of chromosome with wndchrm
Author and coauthor Takagi M, Ono T, Natsume T, Sakamoto C, Nakao M, Saitoh N, Kanemaki MT, Hirano T, Imamoto N
Details We generated a set of HCT116-based cell lines expressing Ki-67 and/or condensin subunits that were fused with an auxin-inducible degron for their conditional degradation. Both the localization and the dynamic behavior of Ki-67 on mitotic chromosomes were not largely affected upon depletion of condensin subunits, and vice versa. When both Ki-67 and SMC2 (a core subunit of condensins) were depleted, ball-like chromosome clusters with no sign of discernible thread-like structures were observed. This severe defective phenotype was distinct from that observed in cells depleted of either Ki-67 or SMC2 alone. Our results show that Ki-67 and condensins, which localize to the external surface and the central axis of mitotic chromosomes, respectively, have independent yet cooperative functions in supporting the structural integrity of mitotic chromosomes.