Department   Kumamoto Health Science University  ,
Language English
Publication Date 2018/10/12
Peer Review Peer reviewed
Title Endocrine therapy-resistant breast cancer model cells are inhibited by soybean glyceollin I through Eleanor non-coding RNA.
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Journal Scientific Reports.
Journal TypeAnother Country
Responsible for Cell culture and drug treatment,Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH),Immunofluorescence,Cell growth assay
Author and coauthor Tatsuro Yamamoto#, Chiyomi Sakamoto#, Hiroaki Tachiwana, Mitsuru Kumabe, Toshiro Matsui, Tadatoshi Yamashita, Masatoshi Shinagawa,Koji Ochiai,Noriko Saitoh, Mitsuyoshi Nakao
Details We prepared another polyphenol, glyceollin I from stressed soybeans, and identified it as a major inhibitor of the Eleanor RNA cloud and ESR1 mRNA transcription. The inhibition was independent of ER, unlike one by resveratrol. This was consistent with a distinct tertiary structure of glyceollin I for ER binding. Glyceollin I preferentially inhibited the growth of LTED cells and induced apoptosis. Our results suggest that glyceollin I has a novel role in LTED cell inhibition through Eleanors. In other words, LTED cells or endocrine therapy-resistant breast cancer cells may be ready for apoptosis, which can be triggered with polyphenols both in ER-dependent and ER-independent manners.