Satomi Tanaka
   Department   Kumamoto Health Science University  Division of Occupational Therapy, Faculty of Health Science
   Kumamoto Health Science University Graduate School  Division of Health Sciences, Graduate School of Health Sciences
   Position   Professor
Language English
Publication Date 2002
Peer Review Peer reviewed
Title Developmentally regulated expression of mil-1 and mil-2, mouse interferon-induced transmembrane protein like genes, during formation and differentiation of primordial germ cells.
Contribution Type
Journal Mechnismus of Development
Journal TypeAnother Country
Volume, Issue, Page 119S,pp.S261-S267
Details (筆頭著者)
未分化な内部細胞塊では発現せず、生殖細胞に運命決定を受けた後の始原生殖細胞に特異的に発現する分子の単離を行い、これまで明確にされていなかった生殖細胞の前駆細胞集団で発現する2つの遺伝子、interferon-induced transmembrane protein 3 (Ifitm3/mil-1/fragilis) とIfitm1 (mil-2)を同定した。