Faculty of Health Science Division of Physical Therapy Academic Staff
Professor (Total:4)
Name Specialization Areas
Atsushi Doi Neuroscience-general, Biomedical engineering, Sports sciences, Pathophysiologic neuroscience, Pharmacology, Clinical pharmacy
Shigehito Matsubara Biomedical engineering
Shin MinChul Neuroscience-general, Clinical pharmacy, Pharmacology
Takaaki Kubo Physiology, Nutrition science and health science, Rehabilitation science
Professor (Total:1)
Name Specialization Areas
Junichi Iiyama Rehabilitation science, Rehabilitation science, General internal medicine, General internal medicine
Associate Professor (Total:4)
Name Specialization Areas
久保下 亮 Rehabilitation science, Sports sciences
Kazumi Nakahara Rehabilitation science
Yoshihiro Iwashita Rehabilitation science
Yoshiyasu Yoza Rehabilitation science, Nutrition science and health science
Assistant Professor (Total:4)
Name Specialization Areas
山本 良平 Sports sciences, Rehabilitation science
KUMI EDAO Rehabilitation science, Sports sciences
Keita Honda Rehabilitation science, Biomedical engineering, Sports sciences
TAKASHI Tanaka Rehabilitation science, Anatomy, Anatomy and histopathology of nervous system